Patent and Design Services

Patent and Design Services

Dealing with patents and designs requires in-depth knowledge of your industry and technology. Our firm provides specialist advice on patent issues concerning electronics, mechanics, computers, software, telecommunications, semiconductors manufacturing and information technology, as well as physics, chemistry, pharmacology, medical devices, biotechnology and environmental science. Our patent and design clients operate in a wide spectrum of design and manufacturing fields.

As a full-service firm with legal expertise in all aspects of business, we can help you realize the potential of your patents and designs. These assets are closely linked with financing deals, commercial agreements, competitive activities, enforcement and litigation, employment contracts, mergers and partnerships. We can advise you on all of these matters with a clear understanding of all of the relevant legal and commercial issues.

We are committed to helping you manage your budget and control costs through predictable pricing. We provide commodity pricing for all standard procedures, enabling you to anticipate costs and make informed decisions every step of the way. For foreign companies, our attractive cost structure positions us as an effective alternative for drafting and prosecuting patents and designs not only in Israel, but all over the world

Complete range of patent and design services:

We provide a complete range of services, including:

  • Drafting and Prosecution of Original Patents and Designs -
    We are experts at working with inventors. Their visions are often complex, and explained in scientific jargon. Our team of patent writers and draftsmen can turn inventors’ sketches into elegant and defensible patent applications, which we file and prosecute throughout the world, ensuring high quality and price predictability for the services provided by our carefully chosen associates in all jurisdictions. 
  • High Volume Filer Service Package
    We provide special pricing packages for corporations with high volumes of filing. Our clients receive annual budgets, portfolio management and quality control processes.  
  • Opinion Work
    We issue opinion letters regarding patentability, validity, enforceability, design around potential and infringement of patents and designs. In addition, we help evaluate their strength and enforceability.
  • Due Diligence
    We evaluate patent and design portfolios in the context of due-diligence reviews including M&As, IPOs, investments, licensing and other commercial transactions. 
  • Patent and Design Litigation
    We have substantial experience and a proven success record in managing litigation and proceedings in the USA, Europe, Israel and many Asian countries. We counsel clients on how to enforce their rights, challenge third parties’ rights and help them effectively defend themselves from infringement allegations.
  • Patent and Design Strategy and Portfolio Management
    We help our clients enhance their patent and design portfolio and enrich it from a market control standpoint so that it covers all of the know-how and designs in order to create exclusivity, and prevent infringement. We can assist in developing a patent or design strategy that defines the types of technology or products and markets to protect, the countries to cover and the number of patents and designs needed in order to attain the client’s commercial goals.
  • Israeli Patents and Designs
    Israeli companies have a strong foothold in industries such as communications, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemistry, agriculture, defense and hardware. Although the Israeli market is relatively small, owning patents in Israel can have a significant impact on the business of non-Israeli companies. We provide all of the above patent services in Israel to our international clients.

Proven Track Record
Our patent client list includes leading international corporations in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, aeronautics, chemicals, engineering and defence. We also work extensively with major Israeli companies, operating in fields such as semi-conductors, medical devices, telecommunications and textiles. Our design clients from Israel and abroad belong to dozens of different industries including plastics, electronic and medical devices, furniture, lighting, diamonds and jewellery, entertainment, play equipment, homeware and fashion. 

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