Copyrights Services

Copyrights Services

Protecting works of authorship by copyright registration may be, in some cases, the best way to prevent their misuse. This applies not only to the traditional areas of copyright protection such as art, media, publishing or entertainment, but also to areas such as technology, computer software, product designs, architectural plans and more. 

Complete range of copyrights services

We provide a complete range of services, including:

  • Clearance, transactions, distribution, dispute resolution and licensing counseling – We, at Eitan, Mehulal & Sadot, counsel our clients on a wide spectrum of copyright matters ranging from clearance programs and business transactions to disputes involving copyright materials. We guide our clients on how to adopt effective licensing procedures and on litigation policies in order to maximize the benefits of their copyright portfolio.
  • Working together - The activities of our hi-tech clients — ranging from Internet-related enterprises to software developers, publishers and packagers — illustrate the dynamic marketplace we live in. Our strongest area of expertise is working alongside and advising those companies with international goals and requirements.
  • Maximizing copyright portfolio - We advise each client on how to maximize its copyright portfolio. We negotiate rights acquisitions, perform copyright due diligence and prepare all of the required assignment, licensing and waiver agreements. Our copyright experts specialize in resolving difficult licensing challenges including shrink-wrap, click, standards and adversarial (pre-litigation) licenses, and in creating efficient solutions for infringement matters. 
  • Training our clients - Many of our clients seek in-house training to enable them to manage their copyright assets independently. We transfer the skills necessary for protecting their copyright in the particular countries where they do business to these clients. Clients learn how to identify their own copyright works, distinguish employee and contractor created works, use copyright notices, obtain registration, and handle copyright clearance issues. 

Proven Track Record
We represent copyright owners in many diverse industries, such as publishing, news media, television, film, music, performing and plastic arts, software, internet media, education, merchandising, events production, manufacturing, architecture and design, fashion, and retail sales.

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