The litigation department of Eitan, Mehulal & Sadot has vast experience in the representation of market-leading companies and entities in proceedings before courts, planning and building committees, arbitrators and mediators, in the business-commercial field, including in monetary claims, contractual claims, class actions, derivative claims and minority interest claims, claims regarding land law, planning and building law, expropriations and planning harm, commercial torts, unfair competition and misleading of consumers, antitrust, cooperative societies, temporary remedies, injunctions etc.


Professional representation

Our litigation department provides comprehensive legal services, which are founded upon the extensive knowledge and experience of the department’s attorneys. Our litigation team’s aim is to achieve the best possible results for clients, to which end they work professionally, diligently and thoroughly. The strategy in each case is tailored to the client’s needs, in order to enable the best representation possible.

A leading team

The department’s attorneys have vast experience and are among the best in their field, with significant experience in complex, high-profile cases. They also play an active role in the fabric of legal life by lecturing in seminars held by the Israel Bar Association and the Israel Management Center (IMC), publishing articles, opinions and legal analyses in leading newspapers such as ‘Globes’ and ‘Haaretz’, and giving interviews on current legal affairs in the various media channels.

Major clients from a variety of sectors

The department’s numerous clients include Israeli market leaders from various sectors, including industry, energy, retail, communications and food, as well as major international corporations such as Procter & Gamble (P&G), Strauss group, Dor Alon group, Isfar, Oftov, Beeper, Bug,UTC Fire and Security B.V., Apple Inc. and others.

Handling of complex, high-value commercial disputes

The litigation department handles complex commercial disputes, including high-stakes disputes, mainly in the following fields:

  • Corporations – representing market-leading companies and entities in legal proceedings in the business-economic field, including disputes between companies, disputes among shareholders and partners, claims to pierce the corporate veil, derivative claims, minority interest claims and antitrust cases.
  • Class actions – we have unique and significant experience in the representation of domestic and foreign commercial corporations in defending against high-value class actions. Eitan, Mehulal & Sadot’s litigation department has an impressive track record in this field, having brought about the summary dismissal of numerous class actions.
  • Commercial torts – representation in cases concerning violations of the rules of fair competition and consumer misleading, misleading in advertisements in the various media, representation of business companies in proceedings for approval of commercials before the Second Authority for Television and Radio, etc.
  • Land law claims – the department specializes in the management of land-related claims, including the enforcement of agreements, eviction, dissolution of co-tenancy, construction damage, expropriations and planning harm and damages therefor.
  • Administrative law – representation in administrative petitions, tenders, petitions to the High Court of Justice, etc.
  • White-collar crime – representation of clients in investigations and criminal charges of white-collar crime.


The Department’s Partners:

  Refael Liba  
  Ofer Cohen-Zedek
  Yohai Shelef

Department Publications