Urban Renewal - n.o.p 38 & Redevelopment

Urban Renewal - n.o.p 38 & Redevelopment

The Real Estate Department of Eitan, Mehulal & Sadot's specializes in providing guidance and advice for urban renewal, redevelopment (“Pinui-Binui”) and building improvement projects under National Outline Plan (N.O.P.) 38, including promotion, initiation, counsel and development of transactions, from the outset of the process until registration of the new, renovated condominium.

The department specializes in supporting projects, advising both developers and contractors, and apartment owners. The department cooperates with many developers, contractor companies and construction professionals, including construction engineers, architects and plan developers.

The department provides comprehensive and all-inclusive services, including:

  • Providing a response to tenant objections and problems.
  • Providing explanations to apartment owners prior to execution of the engagement agreements, including participating in house board meetings and negotiating agreements, with full legal support until the required signatures are obtained.
  • Conducing necessary legal proceedings vis-à-vis the Supervisor of Condominiums, in the absence of consent by all tenants.
  • Regulating rights and plans vis-à-vis the competent planning committees and authorities.
  • Arranging and promoting the project vis-à-vis the authorities.
  • Arranging tenants’ rights for performance of the project, including resolving problems vis-à-vis the Israel Land Administration, attachments and pledges, mortgages and registration rights.
  • Arranging agreements vis-à-vis professionals, including architects, construction engineers, elevator and landscape professionals.
  • Drafting detailed engagement agreements between apartment owners and developers to prevent disputes and misunderstandings.
  • Lawful registration of the sale of the rights in the land registers.
  • Registering common rights and common property in the building.
  • Attaching parking spaces, storage rooms and related rights in the project.
  • Rendering legal advice and support for obtaining bank credit and financing.
  • Rendering legal advice and support for obtaining appropriate guarantees and insurance.
  • Drafting of agreements for performance of contractor work.
  • Drafting of agreements for sale of the supplementary apartments and registering the same in the relevant land registers.

The department arranges for close support of the project by experts from relevant fields in order to ensure the successful managemnt of the project, including:

  •  Finding the right contractor or developer to ensure high-quality, fast, efficient and well-planned construction, with good architechtural design.
  • Financing and guarantees for performance of all stages of the project, with full legal, economic and insurance coverage.
  • Full exemption from costs and payments of any kind to the owners of the rights in the apartments, inlcuding taxes, V.A.T. and betterment levies.
  • Engineering and architecture, including the filing of reinforcement and construction plans for approval by the local planning and building committee.
  • Legal advice both for receipt of building permits, and in view of the high likelihood of many projects not winning full apartment-owner consent, in which case, legal proceedings are required for approval thereof vis-à-vis the authorities.

Examples of the department's work:

  • Raanana – Tens of N.O.P. 38 projects on Hankin St., Bar Ilan St., Tel Chai St., Asirei Zion St., Borochov St. and Galilee St. 
  • Ramat Gan – Several N.O.P. 38 projects and N.O.P. 38-2 (‘Pinui-Binui’) projects.
  • Bat Yam – N.O.P. 38 project and improvement of open private area in 5 buildings, 16 apartments per building.
  • Rishon LeZion – N.O.P. 38 project in a building with 3 entrances, 24 apartments in total.
  • Tel Aviv – N.O.P. 38 project and expansion in 4 buildings, 21 apartments per building.
  • Petach Tikva – N.O.P. 38 project in 4 buildings, 16 apartments per building.
  • Rehovot – N.O.P. 38 project in 6 buildings, 48 new apartments.


The Department’s Partners:

 Noam Wiess