The labor law department at Eitan Mehulal & Sadot provides current and specific advice to employers and to employees in all aspects of labor law in private law and in collective bargaining law. The unique and comprehensive approach is based on the broad and extensive knowledge and experience of the department's attorneys, working together with the firm's other professional departments.

In addition, the department's attorneys lecture on labor law at various institutions, including at the Israel Management Center (IMC), at which one of the department's partners is academic director of the labor law field.

A variety of market-leading clients

Among our clients are some of the market-leading employers and commercial companies in the fields of industry, construction, hotel and hospitality, manpower, employee organizations, associations and individuals, including Princess Hotel Eilat, Bonei Hatichon Civil Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd., Eilat Municipal Center, Poalei Agudat Yisrael, Techjet Aerofoils Ltd., Blades Technology Ltd., Unitronics (1989) (R G) Ltd., Organization of Hadassah Pensioners, Efix Foreign Exchange Ltd. and many others.

Handling all aspects of labor law

The department engages in all aspects of labor law, and mainly:

  • Representing employers in claims of employees or employee organizations.
  • Representing employers in claims and injunctions for prevention of a violation of their rights according to law and agreements, including on issues of confidentiality, non-competition and prevention of commercial torts.
  • Drafting employment agreements and retirement agreements, preparing various codes such as sexual harassment prevention codes and discipline codes, and adjusting pay slips and employment agreements to the relevant legislation.
  • Current legal advice including strategic advice on employment relations and advising companies in reorganization proceedings, holding hearings before dismissing employees, injunctions and representation in civil legal proceedings before the various courts, including before the labor courts at all levels, mediation, conciliation and arbitration proceedings, as well as criminal trials with a labor law aspect.
  • Current legal consulting and advice in all areas of pensions and managers' insurance for employers and employees.
  • Representing employers in proceedings vis-à-vis the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor with respect to the employment of women, foreign workers and the employment of refugee workers, and providing professional opinions such as opinions regarding the employment of persons with refugee status, opinions regarding the applicability of collective bargaining arrangements and agreements and opinions regarding employment relations and sub-contractors.
  • Representing employees in the conduct of negotiations regarding employment conditions and compensation [/severance pay] [פיצויים] and in claims in the field of labor law, including in respect of violations of rights and sexual harassment.
  • Advising and representing employees and employee organizations, including in proceedings due to unlawful termination, for the prevention or cancellation of the termination and in compensation claims due to termination and violation of the employees' rights.
  • Representing employees before labor and other courts for protection of their labor law rights.
  • Legal advice and representing parties involved in sexual harassment incidents from the stage of the complaint and investigation thereof at the company to disciplinary and legal litigation.

Examples of the department's practice:

  • Representation of employers in dozens of claims in a range of labor law fields, including salary claims, unlawful termination, injunctions regarding confidentiality and non-competition, and representation of employers vis-à-vis employees' committees.
  • For 8 years the department has won the Ministry of Defense's tender to represent employees who have been dismissed or whose employment conditions have been harmed during military reserve duty, in proceedings vis-à-vis the employment committee of the Ministry of Defense and the Office for Guidance of Discharged Soldiers.
  • Representation of dozens of employees of Hadassah Medical Organization in claims for the inclusion of the overtime component for purposes of the effective salary for pension provisions.
  • Preparation of opinions for employers on matters at a value of tens of millions of shekels, such as liability for an employers' levy in respect of employment of workers with refugee status.
  • Reduction of claims of foreign workers against employers while omitting inflated or groundless claim components.
  • Management of hearing proceedings upon dismissal of employees and corporate downsizing.
  • Representation of employees in insolvency proceedings.

Head of the Department

 Roy Gutman