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The changing face of the Israeli rental market.

The planned structural change of the Tel Aviv Stock Market is vital to its future.

Who did you call grandma?

The start-up company and its intellectual property – throughout the company's life

A gift – a honey trap?

The shopping center – a business or real estate?

Change of legislation in respect of employment candidates

Applying the rules of corporate governance to public limited partnerships

Customs Ordinance amendments – carrots and sticks

3D printing – intellectual property aspects

Inheritance, assessment and in-between

The Ministry of Health acted ultra vires

New precedents on creditors arrangements

The reform of the Civil Procedure Rules – a critical look

Meeting the conditions of "market overt"– mission impossible for apartment purchasers

The Knesset extends tax collection powers

Kibbutz industry – from kibbutz control to outside control

VAT perk on the purchase of a dwelling.

Tax appeals: the appeal is not an attainable "improvement of position".

The employee's waiver of consideration for a service invention.

A precedential Supreme Court's ruling acknowledging the "split" of a family unit for tax purposes

Payment of benefits to employees of a company in suspension of proceedings

When may an employer require a potential employee to give a declaration about his criminal history?

The agent model" in the European Union – red flag

Simplification of customs proceedings further to a new World Trade Organisation agreement.

Dividend distribution – reinterpretation of the profit criterion.

Precedent: the Policyholder's Negligence Does Not Negate Insurance Benefits.

the Summary Dismissal of Class Actions – a Tool for Filtering out Improper Claims.

Guest Platform: the Effect on Israeli Companies of American Legislation against Bribery.

Is the "Grace Period" for the Filing of Patents in the USA Still Applicable?

New precedent: who is an "Israeli resident" for tax purposes?

New Precedent: Taxation of Royalties on the Import of Branded Goods.

Amendment No. 19 to the Companies Law, 5759-1999 – A First Step Towards Correcting the Faults in the Area of Company Recovery .

Tales from the desk of a Patent Attorney

When lawyers cross the lines

A presentation on prescription and the closure of assessments, conditions for the opening of assessments and the classification of an employer’s income as capital gains.

New precedent: the use of a competitor's trademark in an advertisement on Google.

The application of the Prohibition of Obtaining Collateral from an Employee Law on investment transactions in start-up companies

The Supreme Court has put an end to the conflicting approaches on the question of "special reasons" for extending the time for the filing of a proof of debt.

"Locked Profits" – the overt and covert solutions of the Tax Authority

Conditions for the distribution of dividend in instalments in light of the Bezeq case

Don't want a "haircut" - comments on Amendment No. 44 to the Securities Law in light of new case law.

New European legislation - Internet data privacy protection.

Israeli land contract policy - myths versus reality.

The agent is "in"; the distributor is "out".

The silicon in Tnuva milk case - determination of the limits of the defence in respect of infringement of "individual autonomy" (article in Hebrew).

Internet trade - VAT aspects (article in Hebrew).

Changes to American patents law: the first to invent versus the first inventor to file (article in Hebrew).

Another rise in standing of the holder of a lien (article in Hebrew).

The prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. What are your arrangements? (article in Hebrew).

Patent Claiming Strategies.

High Quality Patents.

Liability of an overland carrier (article in Hebrew).

Court: the customs agent is also liable for damages caused by the overland carrier (article in Hebrew).

Initial steps with a view to an Israeli company's offering on Nasdaq (article in Hebrew )

Reform in Examinations of Accord with Standard (Article in Hebrew).

Qualified Industrial Zones Agreement Between Israel and Egypt (Article in Hebrew).

The purchase of real estate - let the buyer beware; let the bank beware (Article in Hebrew).

Imports Requiring Furnishing Licences and Approvals of a Competent Authority (Article in Hebrew).

Imposition of Anti-Dumping Levy and Equalization Levy - Not the End of the Road (Article in Hebrew).

Minor Import Offences and Strict Punishment (Article in Hebrew).

Litigating a dispute between an importer and foreign supplier - "your place or mine"? (Article in Hebrew)

Invalidation of Provisions of the American Dumping Legislation by the World Trade Organization (Article in Hebrew).

Fundamental precedent regarding the determination of the value of the transaction for customs purposes (Article in Hebrew).

Class action regulations - new songs to old tunes (Article in Hebrew).

Customs exemption pursuant to free trade agreements - really? (Article in Hebrew)

More on the case law regarding “intellectual property procedure” in customs (Article in Hebrew).

Supreme Court precedent on interpretation in favour of the taxpayer (Article in Hebrew).

The composition arrangement in tax offences in light of criminal law (Article in Hebrew).

"You can't see the relief for the experts" (the grounds for not appointing an examiner) (Article in Hebrew).

The requirement of writing in land transactions - really? (Article in Hebrew)

Increasing the rate of royalties on petroleum rights - what is the law? (Article in Hebrew)

A shareholder who opposes a transaction with a controlling shareholder can be regarded as having a personal interest (Article in Hebrew).

Anticipated innovations in the Trade Levies Law (Article in Hebrew).

The European Court: a product manufactured over the "green line" in Israel will not be treated as Israeli (Article in Hebrew).

Is a forwarder really liable for damages to cargo occasioned in consequence of the carrier’s negligence? (Article in Hebrew)

The State as a party in a class action (Article in Hebrew).

Can a derivative action be brought in Israel against a foreign company? (Article in Hebrew)

New trend in relation to approval of settlement arrangements in class actions (Article in Hebrew).

Fate of class action for better or for worse is affected by statistical research (Article in Hebrew).

The State as "one of the people" in arbitration proceedings (Article in Hebrew).

Disclosure of Trade Secrets in Legal Proceedings (Article in Hebrew).

The Consumer’s misleading in Television Advertisements (Article in Hebrew).

The Class Actions Law (Article in Hebrew).

Real Estate Funds (RIT Funds) What are They? (Article in Hebrew)

Customs duty on royalty payments (Article in Hebrew).

Prior Application to the Taxes Authority (Pre-Ruling ) (Article in Hebrew).

Non-Recognition of Financing Expenses a Distribution of Dividends to Shareholders (Article in Hebrew).

Compensation for the Representative Plaintiff is Liable to Tax (Article in Hebrew).

Disallowance of tax withheld at source from payments made in contravention of the law (Article in Hebrew).

Proposed Monetary Laws - A New Civil Codex (Article in Hebrew).

Recent developments in arrangements for debenture holders (Article in Hebrew).

Importers Affidavit as Tool for Locating Import Tax Planning (Article in Hebrew).

Amendments to the Appreciation Tax Law and their effect on the sale of dwellings (Article in Hebrew).

The Taxes Authority’s Duty to Disclose Information Relating to Other Tax Payers (Article in Hebrew).

When does reliance upon an advocate’s tax opinion relieve criminal liability (Article in Hebrew).

Innovations in Customs and Purchase Tax Refund Claims (Article in Hebrew).

Liability for customs on payment of royalties (Article in Hebrew).

New case law - the extent of the exemption under the Indirect Taxes (Underpayment) Law (Article in Hebrew).

Directors' liability to creditors on the distribution of dividend (Article in Hebrew).

VAT Reform – on-line reporting of tax invoices (Article in Hebrew).

Repeal of Stamp Duty (Article in Hebrew).

Conditions for allowing the set-off of inputs tax – examination at the VAT offices (Article in Hebrew).

Fundamental and important precedent regarding the determination of the value of the transaction for customs purposes (Article in Hebrew).

Refund of Purchase Tax Paid in Respect of Bad Debts (Article in Hebrew).

Punishment for Economic Crimes (Article in Hebrew).

Release of the Administrative Authority from a Consent in Fiscal Matters (Article in Hebrew).

Parliamentary Review of the Enactment of Customs, Purchase Tax and Levies Orders (Article in Hebrew).

Reliance on a Legal Opinion as a Defence in a Criminal Charge (Article in Hebrew).

Innovations with Regard to the Tax Authorities’ Disclosure Duties (Article in Hebrew).

Transfer of Corporation’s Assets to its Owners - Struggles Between Tax Planners and the Assessing Officer (Article in Hebrew).

Lifting the Corporate Veil by the Tax Authorities (Article in Hebrew).

Reliance on the Tax Authorities’ Professional Directives (Article in Hebrew).

When will Real Estate be Deemed Adjacent for the Purpose of the Payment of Compensation in Consequence of Approval of a Town Building Scheme (Article in Hebrew).

Charging Municipal Rates - Other Than According to the Identity of the Property Owner (Article in Hebrew).

Real Estate Transactions During Times of Strikes (Article in Hebrew).

Conflict of interests of institutional investors in case of cross-holdings – looking for the easy solution (Article in Hebrew).

A majority shareholder’s duty of fairness to the minority further to a merger against the background of the Makhteshim Agan and ChemChina transaction (Article in Hebrew).

Changes in Participation of Public Companies' Shareholders at a General Meeting (Article in Hebrew).

The Securities Authority is competent to impose a pecuniary sanction in respect of offences under the Securities Law (Article in Hebrew).

Shelf Prospectus - What is it (Article in Hebrew).

Innovations in the Securities Regulations – proposal pursuant to draft prospectus, and supplementary notice to prospectus (Article in Hebrew).

The Securities Authority -- is it also a judge? (Article in Hebrew)

Determination of the fair value of shares purchased in a full tender offer (Article in Hebrew).

Attribution of a Company’s Debts to a Shareholder or Director - When? (Article in Hebrew)

Do a company’s previous agreements preclude adaptations to changing business environment (Article in Hebrew).

Freedom of Commercial Expression (Article in Hebrew).

On the Termination of Relations Between a Foreign Manufacturer and an Israeli Distributor (Article in Hebrew).

Really an autonomous bank guarantee? (Article in Hebrew)

Amendment 16 to the Law - reform of company law (Article in Hebrew).

Corporate Regime Code (Article in Hebrew).

Dictation of minimum prices by manufacturers or distributors (Article in Hebrew).

Wind of change in the interpretation of contracts (Article in Hebrew).

Annulment of Unduly Disadvantageous Conditions in a Contract to Open a Current Account (Article in Hebrew).

Tenders: Preferring Products from National Priority Regions (Article in Hebrew).

Sales on Credit - How can Title to Merchandise be Safeguarded? (Article in Hebrew).

Amendment of section 25 of the Contracts Law - cancellation of the rule in Aprofim or an idle threat (Article in Hebrew).

Purchases leveraged by management - has the law changed? (Article in Hebrew)

A Pre-Ruling in Executing Transactions for which the Director of Restrictive Trade Practices’ Approval is Require (Article in Hebrew).

Developments concerning bad debts - VAT and purchase tax (Article in Hebrew).