We are here
to support you.

We are here
to support you.

Eitan Group is here to support CME America customers who have been affected by the recent product withdrawal of BodyGuard infusion devices.

A statement from Roger Massengale CEO Eitan Group North America

We understand the great pressure hospitals and caregivers are under as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We are here to relieve that pressure where possible and are committed to providing you a reliable alternative to smoothly replace any BodyGuard infusion devices in your organization. If you determine that our advanced Sapphire Infusion System is right for you, we will make the device available to you quickly, ensuring your organization will get all the support you need at this difficult time.

All the information you need in one place.

As a partner, we are doing everything we can to provide you with the support you need during this difficult period. There are many ways we can support you from a distance. Check out these helpful resources:

I am interested in evaluating Sapphire to replace my existing devices, what should I do?

Sapphire Replacement Program Simplified Flow

CMEA customers receive follow up letter 

CMEA will send you a follow up letter about your return along with options for either obtaining a replacement Sapphire infusion pump or receiving a credit.

Respond to CMEA information request

Communicate directly with Eitan Group North America to order the quantity of Products corresponding to the number of CMEA Products agreed to be returned pursuant to CMEA product removal plan and negotiate standard terms and conditions for sale of Products directly with Eitan Group North America.

CONTACT Eitan Group North America for information and demonstration scheduling

Contact Eitan Group Customer Service to obtain additional information about the Sapphire and order your replacement pumps. You will be able to schedule time with an Eitan Group representative or clinical support specialist who can provide an online demonstrations of the system.

RECEIVE Pricing Quote from Eitan Group North America

You will then receive list and discount price potential for the Sapphire pump as well as a quote for additional items needed such as administration sets and accessories

PROVIDE Purchase Order to Eitan Group North America

A purchase order can then be issued to Eitan Group reflecting the terms outlined by both CMEA and Eitan (List price with pump return credit and net price).

RECEIVE Devices from Eitan Group North America and Implement

Eitan will promptly ship your new pumps with a 2-year standard warranty and schedule online or in- person training and installation at no fee. Eitan will issue automatic 60-day payment terms for your initial order of devices to allow you time to return your CMEA pumps and receive the recall pump credit.

RETURN BodyGuard pumps to CMEA

CMEA will confirm the age and quantity of CMEA products; CMEA will send a confirmation of receipt of CMEA products to Eitan Group.

RECEIVE Credit Memo from Eitan Group North America

Eitan Group will then issue a credit against your purchase order reflecting your agreed upon net purchase price.

  • If you return a dual-channel BodyGuard pump (i.e., BodyGuard 121 Twins model), this will be equivalent to the return of two BodyGuard systems  for the purposes of the calculation of credit.

Accurate, Innovative & Simple Meet the Sapphire Infusion Pump

The Sapphire pump is a sturdy performer packed in a small, simplified design. Programming is quick and easy on its intuitive touchscreen, enabling you to easily set parameters. The Sapphire pump provides feature-rich functionality that combines patented magnetic flow control innovation. With proven reliability, low-flow continuity, and built-in adaptability that meets any new requirement, Sapphire simplifies patient care, so you can confidently treat patients for the long-run.



  • Information on the Sapphire pumps can be found here
  • You can find out more on our products here

Training and product resources are all available on the Q Core website

Please contact CMEA Customer Support

877-263-0111 (Toll-Free)  -or- 303-936-4945

8AM to 5PM Mountain Time

Reach us by email at Customerservice@eitangroup.com or by phone 877-541-9944

Yes, we do offer Sapphire Infusion pumps for trial purposes. A limited number of trial units are available - an Eitan Group representative will be there to assist you, please contact us to schedule a trial.

Yes. We have uploaded new training resources online and will also schedule online trainings at your convenience.

Yes. In order to schedule an orderly transition of business, we are prepared to educate, demo, train, ship and install your units over the next several months. Please be patient with us as there are substantial numbers of customers requiring support at this difficult time. We will be adding additional resources to support the demand.

The Sapphire has been available in the US market since 2014 and has a strong installed customer base. It is an Intuitive, lightweight device with a small footprint. Sapphire system is accompanied by a robust portfolio of accessories to support diverse multi-therapy functionality. The Sapphire can deliver patient- controlled analgesia (PCA), epidural infusion, parenteral nutrition, oncology drug delivery and antibiotic treatments among other IV therapies. Sapphire Infusion pumps are in use in different care settings, such as hospital, ambulatory home care and pre-hospital air and ground medical transportation.

Sapphire has a very large and capable drug library which will accommodate your needs and it is free of charge for this conversion process. A representative will assist you in setting it up and loading it onto your pumps. We can also provide a pharmacist consultant to assist should you need one.

Yes, we can train you to perform your own PM at no charge and we offer Level 2 programs for a fee if you would like that option as well. for more information 

Yes. Sapphire Infusion pump is approved for pre-hospital medical air and ground transport.

No, we do not offer a dual channel pump. However, we have options for dual and triple pump mounting systems available.

Online Training Videos

We’ve developed a series of tutorials that will assist you in learning how to simply program and operate the Sapphire pump. These are available in several languages.

For the full tutorials on how to operate the Sapphire infusion pump

Supporting Documents

We have gathered all the supporting documents you need in one place. These are available in several languages.

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We are doing everything  we can to provide you with the the support you need during this difficult period. We invite you to follow our news and the launch of the new training and information resources that we will be making available on the Eitan Group LinkedIn page

Contact us.

To receive information and to initiate the purchasing process, contact Eitan Group and one of our representatives will respond with all the information you need.

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